About Us

Health & Technology Partners

Health & Technology Partners is a social science research consultancy dedicated to improving wellbeing through cooperative partnerships with healthcare providers, communities, and natural resources.

Research can be intimidating, but with the right data, your organization will be empowered to make informed decisions and be better stewards of your resources knowing that your nature health programming decisions have been examined both in terms of implementation and impact.

At Health & Technology Partners, we emphasize the value of community engagement with a focus on health, diversity, equity, and inclusion. When considering how to continue advancing the contribution of parks, recreation, and leisure towards creating healthy communities, there must be dedication to evolving our conceptualization of who participates in parks and a better understanding of what barriers and constraints prevent diverse communities from gaining the  benefits of participating in park-based nature exposure.

We connect with your organization, work hand-in-hand with your team, and facilitate key connections through our networks to deliver bespoke research solutions to your pressing questions. Our team works with you to begin solving the question of how nature can positively impact the quality of life in your community.

Courtney L. Schultz, PhD – Executive Director

Dr. Courtney L. Schultz headshotWith nearly a decade of experience leading research projects for local, state, and federal agencies, Dr. Schultz has developed an expertise in the design and execution of health behavioral research across the lifespan—all with the focus of integrating nature exposure into a salutogenic healthcare approach for communities.

Dr. Schultz holds a PhD in Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management from NC State University, where her research focused on integrating nature-based physical activity prescriptions into clinical care settings, making use of community recreation resources. Her Master of Science in Parks, Recreation and Tourism is from the University of Missouri-Columbia, where Dr. Schultz was instrumental in fostering communication between communities of color and city officials in regards to proposed public park renovations; she also holds a Bachelor of Science from the same department.

In addition to her health research and public policy experiences, Dr. Schultz’s early career was grounded in recreation services. She combines these hands-on experiences with her academic studies to inform her real-world research and programmatic protocols.

Dr. Schultz currently serves as the Research Fellow for Park Rx America, is a SHIFT Emerging Leader (’19), sits on the advisory council for the SHIFT Emerging Leaders Program, and is Adjunct Faculty for the University of Missouri. While her research takes her around the world, Health & Technology Partners has offices in Portland, OR and Milwaukee, WI.