Services include community engagement; diversity, equity, and inclusion frameworks; research and data analysis; program design and evaluation; and technology solutions.

Community Engagement

We have extensive experience engaging community members in the planning and assessment process. Our team conducts focus groups, in-depth interviews, charrettes, surveys, and outreach to bring you insight directly from your target audience. Reaching diverse community voices can often take additional time and resources to manage. We specialize in cross-cultural communications, integrating the views and beliefs of all community members. Our team customizes each community engagement outreach, provides full analysis of emergent themes, and delivers concise findings and recommendations for your next steps.


We work with partners to secure local, state, federal, and private grants. Our team excels at identifying funding opportunities, gathering supplemental materials such as community letters of support, and designing impact measures and metrics as required by most grants. We handle the grant process on behalf of our clients, allowing you to focus on your daily tasks.

Program Design & Evaluation

Our team works with organizations of all sizes to provide tools, customized resources, and technical assistance to improve evidence for parks and recreation-based programming. We provide location specific assessments and recommendations for equitable and inclusive initiatives to serve your entire population. Our approach to parks and recreation solutions are underpinned by a commitment to conservation, diversity, and inclusion considerations.


We specialize in the conceptualization, design, and management of research projects to help your entity get the data you need. We have extensive experience with both qualitative and quantitative design methods and past projects have been conducted for partners such as the Centers for Disease Control, National Park Service, US Forest Service, and North Carolina Department of Public Health. From designing and managing clinical protocols to examining built environment impacts on human behavior, our team provides high caliber technical skills to get the best data and results to inform further work.

Technology Solutions

Our team works with local community agencies and healthcare providers to develop and deliver customized technology solutions for data management, integration, and access. Whether it is developing a data repository for park and greenspace information or integrating tailored behavioral prescriptions into the electronic health record, our team can help identify a solution to bridge the gap between knowledge and access, helping to streamline your daily process and improve overall product delivery.