Health & Technology Partners conducts research for nonprofits, local, state, and federal agencies, academic partners, and community organizations, including design, implementation, and analysis leading to a range of deliverables.

Current Projects


Completed Phase II of a research project recently, resulting in the Health and Nature Program Partnership Toolkit.
Entering Phase III of the research project: design and execute two case studies testing the implementation of the Health and Nature Program Partnership Toolkit by two state park agencies to evaluate the toolkit’s utility and effectiveness in guiding the expansion of health-related programming.



Conducting a literature review to review and summarize the research literature to identify key natural, built, and social attributes of forest settings, trails, and other natural and designed outdoor environments (e.g., gardens) relevant to forest therapy experiences resulting in the development of practitioner-focused guidelines for the planning, design, and management of new and existing trails and related environments for forest bathing/forest therapy.




Current Collaborations