Health & Technology Partners conducts research for nonprofits, local, state, and federal agencies, academic partners, and community organizations, including project design, implementation, and analysis leading to a range of deliverables.

Current Projects

Brushwood Center at Ryerson Woods Logo

Developing a program evaluation approach and validated metrics to help guide the Brushwood Center as they continue to steward the growth of the At Ease program which serves veterans, active-duty members, and their families in experiencing wellbeing through the natural world. This includes generating recommended metrics and measurement tools for the At Ease program overall and for sub-programs.

Conducting the “Health and Nature Expert Opinion Survey” that will guide development of a new survey instrument, the Health Benefits of Nature Survey, that can be used to explore the general public’s awareness and acceptance of the health benefits of nature. Active member of the Horton Research Group.

Collaborating with Southern Maine Conservation Collaborative and the University of New England to design and implement a Campus Nature Rx program that will connect students, faculty and campus staff with local nature spaces operated by land trusts. The goal of this project is to encourage campus-wide engagement with local nature for mental and physical wellbeing through authentic programming and collaborative partnerships.

Providing custom survey design and development for Hike it Baby’s Summer Series across three programs. This project will assess how the 8-week programs impacted the knowledge, beliefs and skills of families with babies and children to spend time in nature.


As a member of the Parks and Green Space Work Group, currently assisting with the Perceptions of Knowledge and Experience in Nature-based Health Interventions/Prescriptions Survey. Previously co-authored A scoping review of the health benefits of nature-based physical activity. PAPREN is a CDC funded thematic research network to support local, state and national level policy approaches to influence physical activity opportunities.

Recently completed two workforce development products for NRPA. These included the Workforce Development: A Resource Guide for Parks and Recreation which features case studies highlighting programs dedicated to workforce development opportunities, primarily working with youth and young adults, to engage future generations of park and recreation professionals and advocates. Along with the accompanying workbook, Workforce Development: Self-Guided Workbook for Parks and Recreation, which helps agencies assess their current situation and opportunities for growth.

Past and Present Collaborations