Wisconsin Healthy Communities Summit

Workshop & Panel Presenter // September 29 & 30 // Madison, WI

HTP will be participating in the workshop “Resources for Your Next Outdoor Recreation Project” on Thursday September 29 at 2:45pm.

HTP will also be part of the panel “Outdoor Recreation Wellness Benefits: Helping Shape Healthy Communities” on Friday September 30 at 11:45am.

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2022 Wisconsin Summit for Natural Resources Volunteers

Workshop Presenter // October 6 & 8 // Lapham Peak, Delafield WI

The Good and the Bad: Reconciling Nature’s Impact on Health to Improve Nature Programs

Courtney Schultz, PhD,  Executive Director, Health & Technology Partners

Nature spaces play an important role in community health, with benefits across physiological, psychological, social, and spiritual domains. At the same time, encounters with nature can have negative health outcomes. How do we address this duality? This workshop will discuss the growing evidence and research on the benefits of nature, highlight some of the current interventions and strategies being employed to equitably expand access, and make the case as to why a more balanced conversation can lead to equitable and improved health and nature programming. Participants will practice applying a balanced lens to their own programs to find solutions to participant barriers. Format: Workshop; Length: 3 hours; Group Size: 10-20

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2022 SHIFT Summit

Presenter // October 17-20, 2022 // Fort Collins, CO

HTP will be presenting a lighting round talk on “Developing the Coping and Nature During COVID Survey (CANS)” and supporting a poster presentation of initial findings from this study. We will also be park of a panel to discuss “Outcomes Evaluation and Research: What do funders need and what will people take?”.

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2022 Inside-Out International Conference by C&NN

Poster Presenter // May, 2022 // Atlanta, GA

HTP in partnership with Hike it Baby will be highlighting Hike it Baby’s efforts to connect all families with nature through presentations and a special conference program experience. For more information:

Grantmakers In Health & Blue Sky Funders Forum

Webinar Presenter // May 4, 2022

Connections to Nature and Green Spaces: A Path to Health Equity speaker alongside Juan Martinez of Aspen Institute Forum for Community Solutions. For more information:

SHIFT Summit 2021: Examining the Expert Opinions of Land Management, Healthcare, and Other Professionals on the Health Benefits of Nature

Presenter // October 19, 2021 // Grand Junction, CO

Check out as well the SHIFT Workshop: Novel Technology to Evaluate and Improve Local Parks for Diverse Stakeholders

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